Fox Hunt 2: September 30, 2006

Can you guess who are winners were?  Answer at the October Moot.

Scribal Challenge
A beautiful display. Thank you to Lady Fiona for providing the cloth and Lady Isabel for providing the Sign. We did say any medium.  Yes, Peter and Ajax were the entry. Lady Isabel's beautiful French piece Lady Jocelyn's cross stitch. Lady Akiko's blank-The Fox got away. ;) Lord Johanness diapering on diaper. m'lady Anna's blank. The deer is caught.
The Scribal Round Table



A lot of fun and socializing was had by all.


A beautiful blank drawn by Mikhail and Painted by AElfreda.

Completed at the round table.

The Castle cake was made by THL Austin for Lady Fiona. Happy Birthday!

THL Austin surveying the fighting.  A beautiful day. :)


The pictures with place print were provided by m'lady Anna.


Youth Activity

Youth Activity

Youth Archery

Youth Archery





Stike a pose. Dad and son. :)