All Souls

November 4, 2006

A yummy lunch made by the shire members.

Roast Beast

All for a mere $5.00

Our wonderful Seneschal, Johannes and our talented Arts & Science Officer, Lady Fiona standing guard at the royalty room. hmmmm What happened here?
Court Happenings
Awards Given

Lady Philippa receiving her Willow.

Yes, there were more awards. Congrat's to everyone.
Youth receive prizes for their fighting skills.

Sorry, I don't remember what every person got.

Ryan was most chivalrous.

Max getting his for winning in his division.
A boon is requested and granted.  The candidate is called into court and put on vigil.  Congratulation's Lord Killian who will be elevated at Maiden's?

Killian is the one kneeling, wearing the red belt.

Scribes receive a token of gratitude from Their Majesties Bardolph and Brigh  

Background from a Velvetclaw Sampler.