The Royal University of the Midrealm - Spring Session - March 24, 2006

Hard to believe that we're 4 days into Spring.  This was the view of the backyard at around 6 a.m.  We left around noon and icy rain, mixed with snow was falling.  Does not bode well for a 7 plus hour trip.     

I kind a understood how the postman feels, "Neither snow storm, rain, overcast gloom or fog could keep me from doing my duties as Dean of Youth for RUM."  Seriously, thank you to THL Austin for driving me.  It was an interesting drive to say the least.  Want to know more, ask me!  Now more about RUM.

There are many different things to do at RUM for adults and youth alike.  I'm focusing on the Youth section because that's what I do.  I hope you enjoy the pictures and will consider attending the next RUM.  It is a fun day of learning. Bring a friend and enjoy the day.

College of Youth Arts and Education

I'm the Dean of this college and so I spent my day with the classes.  I did my best to present a variety of meaningful classes but at the same time still making it fun. Thank-you to all the teachers and helpers who made this happen. Couldn't have happened without you!  Thank-you to THL Austin who made sure I got to RUM and helped fixed all the tech stuff with the web page.  I put the photos in a separate section to save down loading time. Just click on the class title to see the pictures.

Title: Intro to Calligraphy
Description: An introduction to the art of Calligraphy and dip pens.  We will learn and practice the Carolingian hand.  We'll use dip pens and cartage pens. I hope this class will inspire students to continue to explorer this lost art of writing.
Instructors: Lady Akiko Catherine O'Brien and Lord Justice McArtain
Comments: This was a last minute class.  But we had students waiting and well I couldn't bear to say sorry.  Of course this would be the one time, I traveled light with supplies. The original class was canceled due to illness.  Thank-you to Lord Justice for jumping in at the minute.  :-)

Title: Intro. To Pages School
Description: This class will provide an overview of the program, answer questions for young lords and ladies thinking of becoming a Page, as well as those who may already be enrolled. Registration for new Pages will also be available.
Instructor: Lady Katerina Mahler - Registrar, Kingdom Page School
Comments:  I heard the class was well received.  We have many new pages. :-)  I hope Lady Katerina is willing to teach at the next RUM, too. :-)

Title:Viking Jewelry
Description: Brief history of Viking jewelry. Each student will be given a kit to make a Viking treasure chain or necklace.
Instructor: Duchesse Sabine de Rouen Helper: Lady Avelyn Grene
Comments:  Lots of smiles and very proud students.  Some of them promised me that would tell their friends about the next RUM. 

Title: Elements of Basic Illumination
Description: Students will learn a brief history of illumination, the basic elements of an illumination composition and the basics of color theory. Students will also practice color mixing and painting techniques.
Instructor: Lady Avelyn Grene Helper: Emily of Unicorn
Comments: Some silly and lots of fun with paint. :-)

Title: Superstitions about Gemstones
Description: Students will learn medieval superstitious beliefs about gemstones and make their own necklace of period stones. Note: this class involves the use of scissors and possibly needles. Supply cost: $3.
Instructor: Lady Elizabethe Alles Helpers: Bridget, Rachel, Paula
Comments: A packed class that looked like lots of fun. :-)

Title: The Reign of the Greyhound
Description: It describes the history of the greyhound how they were used in the Middle Ages, and courtesy and protocol with greyhounds in the SCA today.
Instructor:  Aiden Alpin of Dunkeld Helper: Lord Justice McArtain
Comments:  Beautiful animals and very attentive students.


Title: Intro to Calligraphy
Description: An introduction to Uncial, and Gothic texts meant to wet the interest of youth in the arts of Calligraphy and inspire further learning.
Instructor: THL Sybella of Dragonsmark
Comments:  Class was canceled due to illness.  Introduction to Calligraphy was co-taught by Lady Akiko and Lord Justice. 

I hope health is restored to her family and she will consider teaching at the next RUM.  Thank-you Lord Justice for co-teaching at the last minute. :-)

Title: Youth Combat Authorizations
Description: Parents and youth interested in participating in youth combat must take the authorization class. This class describes youth combat, weapon design, armor standards, and rules of engagement.
Instructor: THL Moira MacGilvary
Comments: Class was canceled due to illness.

Title: Youth Marshalling-The Tough Love Version
Description: Unlike adult armored combat or rapier combat, 99% of the problems encountered in youth combat programs in the SCA have not involved the youth. The problems encountered during youth combat are caused by spectators around the list field. This class identifies the most common problems encountered and provides guidance for marshals on how to deal with these problems.
Instructor: THL Moira MacGilvary
Comments: Class was canceled due to illness.

I hope health is restored to her family and she will consider teaching at next RUM.  Please note:  I've sent the youth, who showed up for this class on a quest to recruit youth instructors for the next RUM. :-)

Title: Performing in Front of an Audience
Description: In this class, we will learn exercises to help relax before performing in front of an audience. We will also discuss how to make an entrance and exit, projection, and getting the audiences attention.
Instructor: THL Sofia Tyzes
Comments: The class was canceled due to lack of students.  I hope THL Sofia will consider teaching at the next RUM.  Congratulations on the newest, beautiful addition to her family.

Title: Introduction to Knitting
Description: Learn the how to cast on and cast off, learn basic knit and purl stitches
Instructor: Lady Anna ingen ui Reathian
Comments: The class was canceled due to lack of students.  I hope Lady Anna will consider teaching at the next RUM.

Please, if you see any of these instructors.  Tell them thank-you for teaching or offering to teach.  I couldn't make the Youth Track happen without them.  I hope our next RUM is filled with good health and lots of students for every class. 

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