The Shire of Baile na Scolairi presents Awakening XX - The Sugar Coma
Saturday, May 6, 2006 at Tri-Lakes Park, 2100 S. Bunn St., Bloomington, IL 61702

Many people know this event as the Armored Easter Egg Hunt

This report and pictures are from m'lady Anna. 

Lunch:  great.
Weather: Cool but great for fighters. Lots of tired fighters and sunburn.
Number of youth boffer fighters: 9
Youth Boffer details: Gamel won the division 1 egg hunt!  (poor kid-there weren't any but him, so he had to beat the wonderful division 2 and 3 fighters who so thoughtfully took time from fighting to marshal his fights against each other.  Of course, he didn't win all, but always got 2 out of 3 fights for the egg!).  And Griffen won the division 3 egg hunt (there where 2 other division fighters)!  Mei and Magdelena did well also, coming in 2nd and 3rd respectively out of 5 fighters)!  

Gamel holding his scroll. Just look at that smile and that was after getting home from the event. Illumination: Geertruydt Robertsdochter Baile na Scolairi

Calligraphy: THL Mary Buchanan . 

Griffen proudly displaying his scroll that he received. Illumination: Geertruydt Robertsdochter Baile na Scolairi

Calligraphy: not stated.