Swine and Roses - July 15, 2006

This event takes place in the Barony of White Waters.  The reports about this event came from different people.  It sounded like a wonderful time.  Lady Ambr Stormwatch was called into court and complimented on her wonderful feast. She was head cook.  The Silken Petals were called into court for their scribal efforts.  Sorry no pictures of Ambr or the Petals. The youth of shire were part of court as they stood guard. There was lots of fighting for heavy, light and youth.  If I forgot anything I'm sorry.

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Mostly Heavy Fighting - Thanks to Sivid and his Lady Dee for allowing me to use their photos. 

Scrolls for Baronial Court - Thank you to THL Austin for the photos of Lady Akiko, Lady Isabel and Lady Philippa's scrolls.  Thank you to Lady Ambr for the scans of her scrolls and Lady Fiona's.  These scrolls are for the Baronial Court of White Waters.

Youth Fighting - Thanks to m'lady Anna for the pictures of the youth boffer fighting and the youth standing guard for the Barony of White Waters Baronial court.