Rokkhealden Scriptorium

Who are we? 

We started as a small group of scribes who wanted to make scrolls and do calligraphy. If I recall correctly, it was only four of us to start. So we sought out people to teach us how to make scrolls.  We also took turns teaching each other. We started having regular meetings and it seemed to snowball from there.  We don't have a device and that will some day be decided by the members. We were just a bunch of people who got together to make scrolls and have fun. 

Our name was given to us by Count Sir Pieter Van Dorn on the 18th of January A.S. XXXVII. It was also that day our humble group of Scribes were awarded the Order of the Grove.   If you want to see the original, please contact Lady Ambr Stormwatch.  It's a beautiful scroll.  Ellen of the Scholars made our beautiful scroll.

The Scriptorium is composed of all skill levels.  The Scriptorium is open to anyone who is interested in any aspect of the scribal arts. You do NOT have to be a member of the canton to participate in the Scriptorium.  You don't have to be an artist. You don't have to paint.  You don't have to draw.  You don't even have to do calligraphy.  Experiment and do what you like.  You don't have to buy anything.  We are a friendly group and share our supplies. Of course, if you get hooked like we did, you'll want to get your own supplies.  From time to time we hold classes to teach various aspects of calligraphy and illumination.  About the only request (per say) is you be active, encouraging, positive to others and yourself.  

Our Trade Mark

Probably the biggest trade mark of the Scriptorium is the ability for it's members to pitch in and work together. Sometimes it's working on a scroll at the same time. Other times, it's just doing what we perceive to be our strength and passing it off to another scribe to be finished. Then there are other times were we just work on a project start to finish.

2006-Scriptorium Scrolls



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