At the Moot...
April 27th, 2006

m'lord Gamel showing off his tunic and gorget that he made with some assistance from his mom.
He did the cutting and stitching of all straight lines.


Lord Ottokar demonstrating his mini-catapult that he made.  m'lord Griffin watching with intent.

Lord Ottokar firing his mini-catapult. It's a small bean bag.  The kids loved his catapult. :)

Soap Stone Molds in process. The center is clay.  Sorry, I don't have better descriptions.  

Carving is done by THL Elaine. She was working on them during the moot. It's pretty neat to watch.

They will be pewter cast by her hubby Lord Xavier and used as sight tokens at the upcoming Fox Vale event, Sept. 30. (Yes, shameless plug). ;-)

m'lady Magdalena, a very talented youth member made this necklace during the moot.

m'lord Gamal, another very talented youth member, made some beautiful jewelry for his mom and sisters.

 m'lady Zhou Mei, yes another talented youth member, showing off a chain-mail bracelet that she made at the moot.

Home school Demo held by the Incipient Shire of Foxvale.  

m'lady Zhou Mei is teaching other youth how to do chain mail.

m'lady Magdalena teaching youth how to make beaded necklaces and bracelets.

Group View of Demo Participants.

In green tunic is m'lord Griffen, red/white dress is m'lady Magdalena, m'lady Zhou Mei, wearing blue, m'lord Gamal in front center, m'lady Anna (aka: mom) wearing yellow, THL Hillary (Fox Vale) wearing the red squires belt, Lord Jeff (Fox Vale) wearing blue and white tunic.

Why would Rokkehealden put up FoxVale's Demo? Good Question. :-)
m'lady Anna and her four children from the Shire of Rokkehealden attended the demo. She mentioned the demo and how it went at the moot. It was great to see the youth of our shire sharing their knowledge and skills.

All of the pictures on the page were taken by m'lady Anna.   Thank-you for sharing with the group.