Your First SCA Event

There is much talk about "events" in the SCA. You've read about them here, you've probably surfed online and seen references, and you assuredly have heard people in the canton talking about upcoming events at meetings and moots.

On this site you will learn what an SCA event is, what types of events you will encounter, what you will need to bring to an SCA event, how to find out where and when an event is being held, and what to do when you get to an event.

When you plan to attend your first event, you may want to check with other canton members and see who is going. Some new members find it difficult to walk into an event site and encounter a sea of unknown faces. Going with or meeting up with someone you already know from the canton, may help make it a stress-free social experience. If a sea of unknown faces is a challenge for you, then by all means, give it a whirl on your own. You always have options in the SCA.

Check out the links above for further information. If you still have questions on SCA events, talk to others in the canton or ask the Chatelain for assistance. Just remember that an event is a place to have fun, explore the Middle Ages and Renaissance, eat and be merry, and interact with others who share your interests. Events are the high point of one's SCA experience.

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