Your First SCA Feast

An Event Feast is an experience, a ritual, and its fun. Yet, it can be a challenge for a newcomer. What do I do? Where do I sit? Do I need a reservation? What do I need to bring?

Some answers...

Feast Reservations

Feast reservations are highly recommended. Feast is very popular and seating is limited. If you wait until the day of an event to sign up for feast, more than likely it will be full and you will not be able to be accommodated. Reserving in advance will ensure you are able to partake in feast. The instructions for making feast reservations are usually located on an event's website. If the information is not there, contact the autocrat listed on the website.


Seating at feast is often first come-first served. Sometimes you need to sign up on a seating chart at Troll. Ask how it is being handled for the event if you are unsure. You can ask ahead of time when you reserve or you can ask at Troll when you arrive.

What you Need for Feast --- The Basics

(Much of the following information was excerpted from Gunnbjorn Gunnarsson's article "Events in the SCA"

You'll need a knife and spoon. A soup spoon out of your regular silverware will do; any old wooden-handled steak knife will also do. The perfect knife for an SCA feast is one of those cheap, two-edged, wooden handled, Pakistani stainless steel daggers you see all over the place.

You'll need a mug or goblet to drink from, and a cloth napkin. You will also need to take a plastic bag to put your dirty dishes in. You may not be able to wash your dishes at an event.

Forks are optional. They weren't generally used as tableware up until the 1500's. Remember that what we usually think of as proper "table manners" are only about two hundred years old. Go ahead and eat with your fingers.

You may want to include a candle and a candle holder. Candles add to the atmosphere of the feast hall. Try to avoid decorator candles and scented candles. You might also want to bring some matches. Be sure to ask if open flame is allowed at the feast site before lighting your candles.

If you do not have feastware, The Canton of Rokkehealden has some feastware to loan as part of its Gold Key. Contact the Chatelain to make arrangements.