What is Garb?

Garb is the SCA way to refer to the period clothing members wear. NEVER call it a costume!

When is Garb required?

SCA events require that those attending make some attempt at pre-17th Century dress.

Garb is optional for canton meetings and activities (like A&S meetings, music activity night, Rokkehealden Scriptorium meetings, etc.)

Where to find Garb

If you're just getting started, you can borrow from the canton's Gold Key. (More information can be found on the Gold Key page).

Your other options are sewing your own period clothing, purchasing period clothing -- from a merchant at an event or an online vendor -- or bartering with or paying someone to make garb for you.

Some links to get you clothed

Note: These links are provided for your information. The Canton of Rokkehealden is not endorsing these merchants, nor is the Canton of Rokkehealden getting any payment for listing these companies.

Sewing Garb:

Purchasing Garb:

Accessory Links:

Now that you have some period clothing you're ready for your First Event!