What is Gold Key?

SCA events require that those attending make some attempt at pre-17th Century dress. This can be difficult for new members who wish to get involved and attend events, but do not have any period clothes. Gold Key is the answer.


Basically Gold Key is period clothing (garb) that an SCA branch keeps for new member use. The Canton of Rokkehealden has a collection of period garb for men, women, and children. Our loaner garb varies in size and we should have something to fit most people.

If you are looking for clothing for a noble persona, chances are you won't find it in Gold Key but if you need something so you can attend your first few events, this would be the place to start. You can borrow from Gold Key while you are new to the SCA, but eventually you will be expected to acquire your own garb. Gold Key is a starting point for new members, do not expect to use it regularly or indefinitely. (More about period clothing and resources can be found on the Garb page)


If you are going to eat at feast, you will need your own plate and cutlery. Gold Key also contains loaner feastware for new members. In the SCA, you are expected to bring your own place setting for feasts. This means individual groups do not have to purchase and store hundreds of place settings in order to host an event feast. More information on feastware can be found on the First Feast page.

Other New Member Resources in Gold Key

Gold Key also contains a few resources for new members: a copy of the SCA publication "The Known World Handbook" and a video of the documentary "In Service to the Dream." The documentary is a 2-hour video on the SCA and very informative for those new to the Society. The Known World Handbook is a guide for newcomers. It covers everything from etiquette to crafts to basic clothing patterns.

How to arrange a Gold Key Loan and Gold Key Policies

To borrow garb, feastware, or one of the new member resources from the canton's Gold Key, contact our Chatelain to make arrangements.

Please review the following Gold Key policies:

  • Items borrowed from Gold Key are to be returned by the date noted on the Gold Key Loan Agreement. Don't make the Chatelaine hound you!
  • Borrowed clothing is to be laundered before return. Items should be returned in good repair. In other words, you rip it, you fix it. (If borrowing for the day at a Rokkehealden event, then this is not possible. In this circumstance, items can be returned as is.)
  • Any hemming or alterations should not be permanent and are to be removed before return.
  • Damaged or unreturned items are to be replaced by you. Replacements are to be of equal or greater quality.
  • All feastware is to be returned clean.