The Society for Creative Anachronism

A Brief Overview and History

SCA DeviceThe Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to the study of the history, culture and arts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The SCA is part of the "living history" movement that you may be familiar with through the American Revolutionary War and Civil War groups. This means that we take a hands-on approach to the study of history. Our members learn about the history of the Middle Ages and Renaissance through selectively recreating aspects of life from the period.

The SCA was founded in 1966 in Berkeley, California by a group of college students who staged a tournament in one student's backyard. Since then the group has grown into an international organization, with members and local groups throughout the world.

In the context of the SCA, the world is divided into eighteen Kingdoms. The Middle Kingdom includes, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, parts of Iowa, Michigan, and Ontario, Canada. The Middle Kingdom is then further divided into about 90 regional and local branches. Our local group is called the Canton of Rokkehealden.

The SCA holds social functions such as tournaments and feasts where our members attempt to re-create the ambiance and practice the arts and sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance. We wear historically accurate clothing, eat food prepared with recipes used during the period, play the music, dance the dances, and practice the forms of fighting done in Europe prior to 1600 AD. Other areas of research include spinning, weaving, dyeing, needlework, jewelry, calligraphy and illumination, leather working, metalworking, and woodworking.

Membership in the SCA is open to everyone who has an interest and desire to learn more about the lifestyle and customs of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and who is also willing to abide by our rules and customs. While membership is not required to attend events, if you do decide to become a member you will receive a subscription to the Middle Kingdom's monthly newsletter, The Pale.

For your convenience the SCA Membership Mail or Fax Form can be printed and sent to the SCA Corporate Office. The address is listed on the form. You can also become an SCA member by using the SCA Membership Electronic Enrollment.

The Canton of Rokkehealden meets monthly for Canton Moots (business meetings) and everyone is welcome to attend. We also hold regular (weekly, every other week, or monthly) fighter practices, archery practice, Arts & Sciences meetings, and calligraphy and illumination meetings. For more inforamtion or to check on activity/meeting schedules, contact our Chatelain via Email.