Arts and Sciences

A & S activities are popular in the Canton of Rokkehealden and within the Barony.

The Baronial Minister of A&S is Rokkehealden member Mikhail of Lubelska. Mikhail has taught classes in tablet weaving and illumination at our meetings. Other A&S activities Rokkehealden members engage in include: tablet weaving, inkle loom weaving, calligraphy & illumination, pottery, sewing, leatherwork, fabric stamping, jewelry making, metalwork, Viking wire weave, cooking, & brewing.

Art Guilds and Groups within the Barony of Ayreton

  • Ayreton Metalworkers and Jewelers Guild- Facebook group
  • Ayreton Brewers Guild- Facebook group
  • Silver Thimble Guild for Conspicuous Consumption (sewing)- Contact: Mistress Juliana at 773-750-2180. Meetings in Tree Girt Sea.
  • Vanished Wood Sewing Circle- Contact: Mistress Katherine at
  • Ayreton Authentic Cooking Guild- Contact:
  • Consort Music- Contact: Master Robyyan at 773-764-1920 Meetings in Chicago 60645
  • Court and Country Music Group- Contact: Meetings in Wheeling. Website Facebook
  • Renaissance Dance- Contact: Rob Hicks
  • The Pippins- an a capella singing group performing medieval and renaissance choral music. Contact: Mistress Gianetta at 312-259-6688 Meetings in Andersonville
  • Ayreton Leatherwork- Contact: TBA; a new group is forming as of August 2021
  • Ayreton Beekeepers- Facebook
  • The Barons Noyse- no information
  • Ayreton Glassworkers Guild- Facebook group

Martial & Science Groups within the Barony of Ayreton

  • Archery:
  • Rapier:
  • Thrown Weapons:
  • Rattan:

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