Day of Playe

Day of Playe 6 will be held April 1, 2023

Lingelbach; Karneval in Rome from Wikimedia

Theme: Venetian Carnavale, during the Italian Renaissance

Site: Union Church, 137 S.Garfield St., Hinsdale, IL 60521

Union Church of Hinsdale from Google Maps

Pre-registration Fees: Pre-Registration is now closed, as of 3/21/23.

Gate (opens 9AM) $20 Non-member adult$15 SCA member adult$5 Kid 6-17
Gate entry fees day of event:$22$17
Preregistration must postmark by:March 21, 2023Family Gate Cap: $50No camping
Lunch$8Feast $15
Downloadable pre-registration form below. Please print & send with your payment.

Where to park, Gate access, & martial arts location
Parking info, Gate, & fighting
Lower Level Floor Plan
Main Level Floor Plan
8amSet up (staff, merchants)3pmTBA
9amSite opens4pmTBA
10amCommence martial and gaming activities5pmCourt (red carpeted room)
11-1pmLunch6pmFeast and entertainment
2pmPiñata (stuffed with goodies!)9pmCleanup begins
As of 3/11/23



Time: 11:00-1:00PM

Sausages made by Bojei Temur!

50 lunch tickets will be available. Menu as of 1/2023: Italian pork sausage on some type of bun, antipasto, and a cream puff. Refreshment choices are water with or without flavor packs and regular or Diet Coke.

Sausage ingredients: pork, salt, pepper, fennel, onion powder, garlic powder, parsley, and basil


Time: Approximately 6pm. Site is DRY.

40 tickets will be available. Please preregister! Menu is subject to change and reflects plans as of 1/2023. Head Cook: Mikhail of Lubelska

Feast Menu:

  • On the Table; focaccia, olive oil, and assorted starters. Drink TBD.
  • Course I: Beef meatballs with sauce, saffron rice, honey glazed carrots
  • Course II: Baked chicken legs with Herbs, Pasta with cinnamon & sugar, salad of mixed greens
  • Dessert: Cookies and berries

Servers: We need 4 more server volunteers as of 3/24


Martial Arts: 10am. Held outdoors in the north parking lot. For reference, Gate is at the south parking lot.

Marshalls: Viscount Sir Leif Gray Fox for Heavy/Rattan and Tedesco da Venezia for Fencing

Fencing Activities: Moved indoors to Feast Hall due to potential inclement weather

  • 10:30 Fencing Tournament: Guard the Gate!- An Asymmetric Tournament– Each fencer will hold the field’s gate as the “Guard” while every other fencer, as the “Invader”, (one at a time) attempts to get past the Guard. The Guard may use any armaments, including spears and large shields. (Loaners will be available.) The Guard may even have multiple swords, spears, daggers, AND a shield equipped! The Invader may only use a single sword alone or with a backup device: dagger (up to 18”), buckler (up to 19”), or non-rigid parry. The Invader is not allowed to use case, spears, or large shields. Fencers may fight Cut-and-Thrust if both fencers consent and are adequately armored; two-handed C&T weapons (including experimental polearms) are allowed if both fencers consent and have rigid gauntlets.
  • 2PM Fencing Melee: The Siege of Padua– The Venetian army has taken back the city of Padua, but must defend it against the oncoming onslaught of the landsknecht armies. Meanwhile, the landknechts have to hurry up and break through the walls while dodging landmines, all before emperor Maximillian’s money runs out and they’re forced to go home.

Rattan/Heavy Fighting Activities

  • In the event of inclement weather, Sir Leif will make the call to fight or not on the day of the event.
  • 9:00 till 10:30: Warm ups and Authorizations if needed.
  • 10:30 Challenge Tourney: Royal Peers \Knights get four coins. All other fighters get five coins. You decide who to challenge and how many coins you are willing to bet on the fight or fights. You and your opponent deicide on the terms. It can be the best out of three fights or whatever you both agree upon. The choice of weapons is also agreed upon by the combatants. This will be a timed tournament it will start at 10:30 and end at 12:00 . The combatant with the most coins wins the tournament. If there is a tie the two combatants fight it out in the best of three fights. If you run out of coins you can still challenge each other during this time . We want everyone to get as much fighting in as possible. The list size and the amount of Marshalls available will determine how many fights we can have going at one time.
  • Bridge Battle: After tourney. Venice has bridges, right? So that’s what we are going to do; bridge battles! Bring your spears, pole weapons, big war boards . We will select two captains & they can pick their teams. It’s up to them to determine the best weapons mix.
  • If there is time after, you can fight pick ups, if you’re not already exhausted.

Darts: Cancelled due to lack of targets.

Archery & thrown weapons: No, due to lack of ceiling height & space

Board games of many types, starting at 10am

Craft Table: Open until court in Day Camp (Spirit Hall) room in LL. (DIY Gondola with available supplies)

Craft Challenge: An Italian Gondola. All Gondolas must be on display for populace judging by (TBD). You may create your gondola of any medium at home & bring to the event or you may create it on site with materials available at the craft table.

Carnavale Pinata: 2pm. One of paper maché for the kids and one of pottery, made by the amazing Elaine Ladd, for the adults.

Blind Man’s Duck: 4PM in the north parking lot. A game in which one person is blindfolded, given a foam sword, and attempts to touch one of the “ducks” encircling the person.

Dancing: After feast, in the Red Carpet Room, until 8:50PM. May or may not be lessons.


Classes: (As of 3/23) Contact Xavier if you would like to teach a class at: (

Area A of the Red Room:

  • 10:30 AM The Game of Tarot: The tarot deck was originally used for trick-taking card games. We’ll go over the some of the period rules, and offer a chance to play one of the easier-to-learn variants.
  • 11:30AM Astronomical Tables – come join in a round of a 7-player backgammon variant.
  • 12:30PM Loose Gowns, Ropas, and Zimarra — pooling our knowledge: Mariana von Rabenstern and Gillian Durham will give a short talk on their experiences with making and wearing the Renaissance woman’s attire usually called a “loose gown.” Then they will open the class up to attendees to share what they know about the garment.
  • 1:30PM Medieval Women Warriors: by Lady Susanna Merrybegot. In this class, we will discuss women who donned armor, picked up weapons, and fought alongside their male counterparts. Were they really so unusual? Why did they choose to forgo traditional women’s roles? What’s fact and what’s fiction? Come and hear their stories and learn more about these wondrous warrior women.
  • 2:30PM Jewish Illumination & Illustrations of 1350s Spain by THL Seathan MacDhabhidh. A presentation and overview of the artistic religious contents of the Sarajevo Haggadah.
  • 3:30PM Women Pirates: by Lady Susanna Merrybegot. Piracy; it’s not just for Jack Sparrow anymore. We will discuss women who chose to take up the profession of piracy. What did it take to be a woman pirate in an occupation dominated by men? What were their motivations? What happened to them? Come and learn about these bold women through their stories and we’ll try to separate fact from fiction. Let’s dish out the dirt on these dastardly damsels!

Area B of the Red Room:

  • 1:30PM Pick-up Shakespeare: The canton of Grey Gargoyles presents 1-2 hours of play readings from some of the more fun parts of the Bard’s plays. Group readings were in vogue in period.

Portrait Capturing: $5.00 fee. Created on the spot for you to take home with you as your Carnavale remembrance. There will be a selection of stained glass windows and a beautifully carved doorway for your posing background. Limited number, sign up will be available.

Court: Approximately 5pm in the red carpeted room.

Site closes at 9PM. Anyone left at 9:15 will be part of clean-up crew.

Merchants: Indoors, downstairs on lower level. Confirmed as of 3/9: Enchanted Woods Creations (crafts)

There are a limited number of spots, please contact Elli Skogkǫttrsdóttir

Quick FAQ’s: Handicap accessible, elevator building, all restrooms handicap accessible. Drinking fountains throughout building. Site is bone DRY. No dogs, unless Service Dogs. Please review current SCA Middle Kingdom rules regarding masking, harassment, etc. Please note the village of Hinsdale is sign restrictive, so there will NOT be any SCA signage anywhere outside the church. Parking will be in the school lot across the street & there may or may not be traffic directors. Do not park in the church lot unless you have express permission from the Event Steward (Ambr). Martial activities will be taking place in the church parking lot.

Map/floor plan- see above

Costume FAQ’s: An attempt should be made at a pre-1600 outfit, but is not mandatory. Guests are encouraged to come festivity attired. Venetian Carnavale costumes in lieu of regular SCA garb fit into this time period. Typical in this time frame was the Bauta, which consisted of a tabarro (cloak), zendale (hood), volto (mask), and a tricorn hat. Be festive! Be fun!


(“staff” is hyperlinked to the officer page, where names are hyperlinked to email addresses)

Please contact the appropriate staff member with any questions by clicking “Staff”, above in hyperlink blue, if email isn’t supplied below.

Event Steward: THL Rhiannon Ambr ferch Morgan (

Assistant Event Steward: Lord Keaton Caitdroven (

Lunch Steward: Lord Keaton Caitdroven (

Feast Steward: THL Mikhail of Lubelska (

A&S: THL Louis Xavier de Navarre

Class Coordinator: THL Louis Xavier de Navarre:

Gate: Lord Aedan Aisteach

Website & Social Media: Lady Elli Skogkǫttrsdóttir

Feast Serving Staff: Lady Helen of Rokkehealden (

Merchant Coordinator: Lady Elli Skogkǫttrsdóttir

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